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1st Feb 2012, 01:32
Type 49 body shells, Mk I Escort. Reinforced top macpherson strut mounts (double plated) used to go for 750 pounds with, boot, bonnet and doors from Ford AVO dealers. One would then take the shell and seam braze it every two inches, every spot welded seam. Cut the front and rear arches, pop rivet fibreglass flares, if you used metal and hit a drystone wall it would tear the fender(s) off.
Serious folks would "turret" the rear shock mounts (fabricate and weld in mounts for the rear shocks, taking them from approximately 60 degree inward incline to almost vertical) for much better control of axle tramp. Cut a hole approximately 14 inches back from the original gear shift "hole" in the floor to accomodate the 2000E gearbox with the shifter at the rear of the tailshaft. In the original form the rear leaf springs were also from the 2000E, wee bit heavier than the twink Cortina's.
More serious folks would weld and redrill/tap the bellhousing so the bolts went in from the gearbox side. Then you cut an arched area just below the firewall and make it removable. This enabled you to change clutch plates in around 12 minutes with four people.
If you ran forest stages, the shell would last about a season before being totally stressed and require replacing. Many, many stories, Imps, Datsun 1200 coupe, 710 and 240z, Janspeed, Downton engineering the list goes on and on.
Yes, I did this a few times (too many).
For those that remember, there is a video of the Ford folks flagging down a Capri and removing the rear axle to use in a works car that had wrecked theirs. They arranged a tow truck and transportation for the family to the nearest Ford dealer where they had a new unit ordered and fitted.
Then there was the time that the Ford service crew decided to teach Clark a lesson, he would always come in to a halt, scoff all the biscuits and leave none for the other driver(s). Crew put out dog biscuits, he scoffed the lot and drove off.
Happy days and long nights!
Dan Winterland
1st Feb 2012, 02:49
I had a MK1 Escort. It died of corrosion - on a quiet day you could hear it rusting! Not a bad car (a 1300E) but not memorably good either. Very hard to shag a bird in the back. My next car, a Mk2 Capri was much better for that!
1st Feb 2012, 10:13
Can't imagine Sebastian Loeb flagging down a passing C4 to nick its diff.....

WRC: Improvisation at its best! - YouTube
1st Feb 2012, 11:09
Ford folks flagging down a Capri and removing the rear axle

'Scotch and Dry' was the film, Ari Vatanen's car if memory serves. Service crew wandering round asking all the other teams if they had a diff they could borrow but nobody did because "Salisbury diffs don't fail". Replacement roadgoing diff blew after 3 more stages and I was told afterwards that he didn't get out of second while using it but the car would do 140+ in second at 8,000 rpm anyway (original diffs were 6.something:1; replacement was 3.9:1).

I remember servicing for a mate and we changed his diff in 17 minutes ( Mk II Escort). Never could work out why garages took so long and charged so much.
1st Feb 2012, 13:44
Back in 1979 my next door neighbour had bought a year old low mileage BMW, quite a big model. He came to me complaining about the noise it was making coming out of the garage backwards. Lots of scraping noises but OK going forwards. I thought it was a differential problem so off he went to the dealers. He came back with a quote for £700 to change the rear axle.

I suggested that as the differential was shot we may as well open it up and see what the problem was. Using my jacks and tools we got the back in the air and off came the diff. cover. The inside had nice circular scraping marks caused by the crown wheel because the securing screws had loosened off about two turns. The car driving forward had the pinion pulling the crown wheel into gear which was why it was quiet. The opposite going backwards.

There was no evidence that the cover had been removed before then so they had not been tightened correctly in the factory. Protests made no impression on the dealers so it was £14 for the screws.
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Прилетело с твиттера - Ари Ватанен вылетел на СУ6 Tour de Corse, пилотируя "нулевой" автомобиль. Прохождение спецучастка остановлено.
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сайт с информацией о карьере Ватанена-спортсмена. Подборка фотографий, впечатления об отдельных ралли. автомобилях и штурманах


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